Redwood City Saltworks

Based on your comments and feedback received over the past six years, the Redwood City Saltworks team is now working on a revised and “scaled-back” project that provides for restoration of the majority of the 1,400-acre property.

Our scaled-back plan will restrict development to the portion of the site designated for future expansion of urban uses in the Redwood City General Plan. Even under a scaled-back Saltworks, the proposal will include substantial public benefits to Redwood City residents—such as affordable housing for working families and seniors, new parks, sports fields and miles of bayside biking and hiking trails.

Our revised approach will confine development to less than half the acreage of the earlier “50/50 Balanced Plan” and focus on areas where industrial uses have long occurred and where the land is already highly engineered and has been subject to the greatest industrial use and historic disturbance.

We are confident based on all of the input received thus far—from the City’s environmental impact review of the 50/50 Balanced Plan application filed in May 2009, the community workshops that preceded it, and scientific public opinion research conducted throughout our entire six-year outreach period—that a privately funded restoration and reuse project at Saltworks can deliver genuine public benefits, advance community aspirations in Redwood City, and be a major economic and job-creating boon for the region.

We remain committed to an open, transparent and fact-based environmental investigation of development proposals for the Saltworks that rightly has been demanded of us by the elected and staff leadership of the city of Redwood City.

You will be hearing more about the revised scaled-back plan in the near future. In the meantime, we would like to hear your thoughts about Saltworks.


Federal Water Laws Largely Inapplicable to Saltworks Site, Officials Conclude